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Security Risks of Supply Chain Automation

If your business takes physical goods to market, the process of delivering those goods to their final destination can have a massive impact on a company’s overall performance. Likewise, being ahead of the learning curve in adapting to the latest supply chain technological solutions can give companies a competitive advantage over their competition. Automation, data collection & analysis, and the ability to track cargo in real time as it moves along the supply chain are revolutionizing how products make their way to market around the globe. Automation of the Supply Chain Automated cranes, fork lifts, and other equipment are being... Read More »

Security for Warehouses, Equipment & Cargo

If you ship or store products, those items are vulnerable to theft. According to the FBI, $30 billion worth of cargo is stolen in the U.S. every single year. Theft can occur at any point in the supply chain: site of production, during shipping, in a storage warehouse, or at port. It’s not usually feasible to have a trusted set of eyes on your goods at all times throughout the entire shipping process. Fortunately, camera systems, security systems, and tracking devices can help to keep secure goods as you bring them to market. The First Line of Supply Chain Security... Read More »