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Top Causes of House Fires and Why Monitored Fire is Important

Most homes have built in smoke detectors that help warn of a potential fire while you’re home, but what happens when you are not? Many people don’t know that you can add smoke detectors to your home security system making you much safer while at home or away. Including smoke detectors as part of your monitored home security system adds a level of protection that can only be attained by 24/7 monitoring.

Here are some of the top causes of house fires, and why Richmond Alarm Company can help prevent losing your biggest investment.

1. Children playing:

.02% of house fires are caused by curiosity of children. Keep matches or lighters out of reach of children, to avoid any curiosity turned disaster.

2. Candles:

They may look and smell pretty, but if left unattended they can easily cause a room to burst into flames. 3% of common house fires are caused because of an unattended candle. Always remember to blow a candle out before leaving a room.

3. Smoking:

A cigarette that is not properly put out can cause a flame, as the butt may slowly burn for a few hours. 5% of house fires are cause by smoking inside the house.

4. Heating:

15% of common house fires are started as a result of malfunctioning portable heaters and radiators. If you have a radiator, get it inspected once a year to ensure it is working to safety standards


Overloading outlets can cause a fire from an overuse of electricity. Most people don’t know that 18% of house fires are caused by electrical overloads and faulty or frayed cords. Double check appliances and power points in your home before leaving.

6. Cooking:

Pots and pans can overheat and cause a fire easily when cooking distracted or leaving unattended. At 42%, this is the highest cause of house fires in the U.S to date.

Having a Richmond Alarm monitored smoke detector ensures a peace of mind while you’re home and away.