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Is it time to get your Virginia Security System updated?

Over time, your residential or business security system may begin to malfunction or become outdated. Security systems are designed to provide safety for homeowners and your employees. When it comes to inefficient security systems that are flawed, there could be threats that go undetected. This leaves you and your family, or business at a big risk for potential threats. Here are some good indicators presented by Richmond Alarm. Feel free to give us a call to repair your Virginia security system today.

  • Monitoring Services
  • Audio Issues
  • Blurry Resolution

If you currently own a security system in Virginia that does not allow you to monitor your home or business remotely, you may want to invest in one. Having a security or alarm monitoring system means you should be able to access the situation or environment easily on your smartphone, tablet, or computer.

Have you ever been in a situation where you were able to monitor the situation but the audio quality was incapable of picking up even the slightest sounds? Ensure the audio functions in your Virginia Security system are well-equipped and functioning correctly.

Lastly, over the course of time, you may notice the resolution may begin to blur. Purchasing a camera above 720px is recommended. Our standard here at Richmond Alarms is 1080p however, we can go much higher from 4MP all the way to 4K if desired. Get real color and detailed information with a clear and sharp view of your surroundings.

Please reach out to Richmond Alarms today for any questions regarding your current or new Virginia security system. Call us at 804-745-1117 now!