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Is Hampton, Virginia A Safe Place To Live?

For those thinking about making a move to Hampton, Virginia, don’t let a fear of crime stand in your way. While the independent City of Hampton isn’t considered the safest urban setting in the Hampton Roads Region, it’s far from the worst.

Hampton, Virginia is the 7thlargest city in Virginia and has many of the typical crime problems that you might expect to find in a larger city. However, the benefits of living in this fantastic community outweigh the negatives.

Highlights of Hampton, Virginia

Buckroe Beach, Hampton Coliseum, Langley Air Force Base, Virginia Air & Space Museum, Hampton University, and Fort Monroe are just a few of the city’s highlights. The downtown district has been completely redone, the city hosts miles and miles of coastline, and is equipped with a plethora of inlets, marinas, and more.

Fort Monroe Water Reserve in Hampton VA

Nature lovers, boaters, sailing aficionados, and fishermen will find no end to the possibilities available in Hampton, VA. There are four golf courses, a driving range, and several state parks that are great for hiking. With a history that dates back 400+ years, Hampton has more museums and historic sites than we can list here.

There’s a Lot to Do in Hampton!

Aside from the Coliseum and nearby Buckroe Beach, Hampton’s downtown district is one of the biggest drawls in the area. The city puts on fantastic festivals and events almost all year long, such as Bay Days, the Hampton Jazz Festival, and the Blackbeard Festival. And to top things off, beautiful Poquoson VA is right around the corner.

But What About the Crime in Hampton?

Is the City of Hampton really a safe place to live? Over the years, Hampton developed a reputation for being a high crime area. But a lot of that has changed, as it has in Virginia Beach. Of the eight primary cities in the Tidewater Region, Hampton falls somewhere in the middle in regards to crime.

Hampton Roads Flag

There are still some fairly dangerous areas in the city, but violent crime is far from being out of hand in comparison to similarly sized cities. Incidents of violent crime are higher than both state and national averages, but these averages take rural areas into consideration.

Crime Statistics in Hampton, VA

  • Crime is 25% higher than national averages
  • There is a 1 in 30 chance of being a victim of property crime
  • The odds of being a victim of a violent crime are about 1 in 350
  • There are about 20 murders per year
  • The vast majority of crimes in Hampton are property related
  • Hampton, VA is safer than just 33% of cities in the U.S.

When taking these crime statistics into account, it’s important to compare apples to apples. Though the number of murders and other crimes may seem daunting, the crime in Hampton remains significantly lower than other U.S. cities of comparable size.

How Does the Crime in Hampton Compare to Other Cities in the Area?

Sunset on the Beach in Hampton VA

Most consider Poquoson, Williamsburg, Suffolk, and Virginia Beach safer than the City of Hampton. Portsmouth, Newport News, and Norfolk are, arguably, more dangerous than Hampton. Chesapeake and Hampton are about tied in terms of crime and safety per capita.

How to Make Your Home in Hampton, VA Safer

For those living in Hampton or thinking about making a move to the area, there are a number of things you can do to make your home a less inviting target for burglars and criminals. Here are 10 Reasons to Install Home Security. However, hiring an alarm company to install security cameras and a home security system remains one of the most effective ways to deter burglars, regardless of where you live.

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