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How Much Does Commercial Fire Alarm Monitoring Cost in Richmond, VA?

If you own or manage a business, you most likely need a monitored fire alarm system to comply with national and local fire codes.

But how much will this monitoring service cost your business every month?

Well, the price varies depending on certain factors. For example, commercial fire alarm monitoring costs anywhere from $45 to $65 per month.

The price you’ll end up paying for your business’ fire alarm monitoring all depends on:

  1. The type of monitoring you choose
  2. Whether routine inspections are included

To help you budget for your commercial monitoring fees, we’ll explain the 2 cost factors listed above.

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Cost factors for commercial fire alarm monitoring

Cost factor #1: Type of monitoring

Businesses can choose from 4 main types of monitoring, including:

  1. Phone lines (analog or landline)
  2. Internet monitoring
  3. Cell radio monitoring
  4. AES radio

Phone lines

The most traditional method for alarm monitoring is via a phone line. This option is typically the most expensive because it requires paying for two phone lines, which can cost an additional $50 to $150 per month, added on top of your monitoring fees. Plus, if you use VOIP phone service, you’ll most likely need to add UPS back-up units to your phone system that are large and expensive.

Internet monitoring

Internet monitoring is a more affordable monitoring method for businesses because it doesn’t require the additional costs of 2 phone lines.

Be aware, though, national code requires at least 24 hours of backup power available in the event of a power failure, which often requires Internet equipment upgrades at an additional cost.

Cellular monitoring

Cellular monitoring is considered one of the more secure monitoring methods. Even though cellular monitoring is cheaper than phone line monitoring, it’s typically more expensive than Internet monitoring.

AES radio monitoring

AES radio monitoring is considered the most reliable type of fire alarm monitoring for businesses. The upfront cost (for the radio itself) is higher than the cost of a cell radio or Internet communicator but the savings in monthly monitoring quickly pays back the upfront price of the radio.

Cost factor #2: Whether annual inspections are included

If your monitoring company rolls routine inspections into your monthly monitoring costs, you’ll typically see a slightly higher monthly rate.

The higher rate will cover the cost of labor for these inspections.

Depending on your local codes, yearly inspections are required to avoid fines and keep your system code-compliant. Only certain companies are licensed to perform inspections of your commercial fire alarm system. If your security company is licensed to perform inspections, it likely means that they have a well-trained, expert staff you can trust.

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