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Everything You Need To Know About Honeywell Alarm Systems

Honeywell has been around for more than 125 years and has employed hundreds of thousands of people over the years. Their goal, as a company, is to make the world more secure, comfortable, clean, and efficient with innovation and continuous improvement.

Richmond Alarm Company has been working with Honeywell Security for several decades. We’re big fans of their alarm equipment, smart home technology, and other innovative products, like thermostats, fire alarm equipment, sensors, CO detectors, and much more.

So, You’re Thinking About Purchasing an Alarm System Made by Honeywell

If you’re in the market for an alarm system for your house and are evaluating alarm companies, we highly recommend picking an alarm company that offers Honeywell security equipment.

Benefits of Honeywell Over Their Top Competitors

Alarm equipment is usually sold in one of two ways. Alarm equipment typically either integrates with products and equipment from other manufacturers or it doesn’t. Companies either embrace the “open” platform approach to equipment and innovation or attempt to keep everything in house. Honeywell embraces the open platform approach, which we believe fuels innovation and drives positive competition.

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How Does Honeywell Differ from ADT Security?

A great example of an alarm manufacturer that builds equipment that doesn’t integrate with competitors is ADT. If you buy an ADT alarm system, you’ll need to hire ADT service technicians, ADT installers, and only ADT will be able to monitor that security equipment. If you want to upgrade your home to include smart home features, you’ll need to get ADT’s smart home solution if you want that system to integrate with existing alarm equipment.

Benefits of Working with ADT Security

There are certainly benefits to working with a proprietary based alarm company, like ADT. You get a level of dependability with service, you know everything integrates, and you can expect a level of professionalism, though sometimes this company has been known to fall short in this area. The problem we have with this approach, is what happens when you, the customer, aren’t happy and want to change companies? You’re basically trapped by the equipment and contract.

Benefits of Honeywell Security

If you’re working with a Honeywell alarm provider, like Richmond Alarm Company, you have the option to fire that alarm company and hire someone else to maintain, service, and monitor your equipment. Your Honeywell alarm system will work just fine, regardless which alarm company you hire. In this way, your technicians are driven by competition to provide you the best service possible, because they know you are not bound by proprietary equipment restrictions.

If you want to change alarm companies, and you have an ADT alarm system, that equipment becomes useless. For the most part, you’re going to have to buy all new alarm equipment to get back up and running.

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What Else Integrates with Honeywell Security Equipment?

Lots of products integrate with a Honeywell Alarm System, even those not manufactured by Honeywell. While Honeywell has a fantastic smart home solution, called Honeywell Total Connect, their alarm systems also integrate with competing smart home solutions, like

Here’s a list of some of the smart home features that integrate with Honeywell Total Connect. If you want to connect home security video to your Honeywell alarm system, you have a variety of options that will integrate seamlessly. Honeywell even connects with the SkyBell Video Doorbell.

Honeywell Control Panels

It’s no secret that Honeywell has managed to stay at the forefront of alarm control panels. They offer the latest touch-screen control panels, but they also still offer the more affordable push-button control panels.

Freedom Is the Best Reason to Pick a Honeywell Alarm System

When you buy a Honeywell fire and security system, you’re buying freedom. Freedom to choose your alarm company. Freedom to decide who will service that equipment. Freedom to incorporate equipment from other manufacturers. Freedom to pick anyone in the country to monitor that equipment, though we highly recommend hiring a local monitoring company like Security Alliance.

How Much Does a New Security System Cost?

We have a number of residential alarm packages with home security equipment for sale, though it’s our preference to meet with a client, evaluate their home firsthand, and provide a unique quote that is custom geared to that client’s individual needs and budget.

Every house is different and every customer wants to accomplish different goals with the security of their house, thus every alarm installation should be approached with that uniqueness in mind.

Contact Richmond Alarm Company to get pricing for installation of home security equipment, smart home automation features, or to find out how much it would cost for us to take over an existing alarm system. We can monitor & service most models.

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