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6 Helpful Tips for Package Theft Prevention

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Unfortunately, package theft is more common than ever and porch pirates are taking advantage of the fact that online shopping is the norm. In a recent study, USA TODAY reported that 30 percent of Americans have experienced package theft at their homes. Protection can be as simple as using technology for an added security boost.

Here are a few helpful tips to ensure your packages are safe when you are away:

1. Customize Delivery

Some delivery service allow you to choose a time that best suits you for delivery.

2. Get a Smart Doorbell

Swapping your current doorbell for a SkyBell video doorbell adds an extra level of security to your home with remote monitoring and cloud storage services. When a delivery service rings your doorbell, you can see the exact time your package is delivered. Another advantage is you can get alerts every time someone is on your porch to get real time updates on your home.

3. Deliver Decisively

If you are not home when the delivery is scheduled, consider having it delivered to your work or a family member’s house for safekeeping while you are away.

4. Hold the Post

If the delivery is valuable, have the carrier or post office to hold the package. UPS, FedEx, or the USPS hold the package at their facility which ensures the item is safe for pickup at a later time.

5. Alert a Neighbor

When you know you will be out of town, have a neighbor keep an eye out for any packages being delivered, and ask that they keep the package until you return.

6. Monitored Home Security

A visible home security system can help prevent package theft. If a potential thief spots cameras they will likely move on to a less protected home. Combining your SkyBell with the security and automation features offered by Richmond Alarm Company will provide a higher level of security that can help keep your packages safe when you’re away.