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5 Signs Your Home is an Easy Target for Burglars

Safety is best described as a habit. When you instinctively look both ways before crossing the street or, without thought, plug in your seatbelt before driving, you’re engaging in the type of repeatable behaviors that increase your safety.

Far too often, though, our habits can lead to unsafe outcomes. Such is the case with your home, where actions you don’t give a second thought to will declare your home as a potential mark for burglars. To better protect yourself and your family, it’s essential to recognize what these behaviors may be. Here we offer a guide of common behaviors or actions that leave your home vulnerable to burglary.

5. You Have a Social Media Presence

As we are frequently made aware, social media isn’t always as private as we’d like it to be. When you post photos from your family vacation while you’re on your family vacation, it makes it easy to realize that you aren’t home.

The danger of social media is more than just what’s overtly posted. Metadata, such as location details, are often embedded in each post. This means even if you make no mention of your current location, your social media presence could be giving away exactly where you are.

4. The Yard or Scrubs Have Seen Better Days

A yard that’s seen better days can be a sign to burglars that no one is home. This means that overgrown bushes, tall grass, or patchworks of dirt do more than drive down the value of your property. Each of these increases the odds of a robber noticing your home and casing it.

Burglars like to operate in the shadows to remain unseen by potential witnesses. A yard with overgrown bushes or grasses makes it easier for burglars to hide while they see if anyone’s home and make the decision to break-in. Large objects in your yard, such as trees that need trimming, ladders, or children’s toys can also obstruct the view of your neighbors or passers-by who may be able to prevent a break-in just through their viewing angle.

3. Your Lighting Is Off – Literally and Figuratively

Proper lighting is among the most essential home security tips. The objective of using lights as security is to make it seem that someone is home.

A lack of lighting can make your home an easier mark because it allows the burglar to operate in darkness. With no outdoor light in a dark home, a robber can gain entry, take what they need, and leave without anyone noticing.

However, keeping lights on all day and night long is not a solution either. An outdoor light that remains untouched, either on or off, also gives the impression that there’s no one inside to operate the light switch. Even an indoor light left on all night can be an indication you’re not home, as most people don’t sleep with a light on.

2. You Lack a Home Security System

Home security systems are excellent deterrents.

They can detect motion, monitor for breaking glass, and sound alarms when activated. Visible security cameras can help let burglars know that their actions are being captured if not actively watched.

Combined with smart home technology, this also allows your system to notify you should something suspicious occur and you’re not home. So, you’ll be able to lock your doors, contact law enforcement, or even communicate with those at your front door, all from the comfort of your vacation or while waiting for the next work meeting to start.

Plus most major insurance companies will offer a discount for Professionally Monitored Security and Fire Protection systems.

1. You Haven’t Contacted RAC

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