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Passing a Commercial Fire Marshal Inspection in Virginia

If you’re building or renovating commercial property in Virginia, passing a fire safety inspection from your local or state fire marshal is a requirement. Navigating the complex waters of Virginia fire safety regulations and fire codes isn’t straightforward or easy. Failing to pass an inspection leads to delays and added costs. Contrary to what many commercial contractors have experienced in the past, it is actually possible to pass a fire inspection on the first attempt. How Fire Systems Fail Inspections Depending on the size of the building, there can be a great number of parts and pieces involved in a... Read More »

Security Risks of Supply Chain Automation

If your business takes physical goods to market, the process of delivering those goods to their final destination can have a massive impact on a company’s overall performance. Likewise, being ahead of the learning curve in adapting to the latest supply chain technological solutions can give companies a competitive advantage over their competition. Automation, data collection & analysis, and the ability to track cargo in real time as it moves along the supply chain are revolutionizing how products make their way to market around the globe. Automation of the Supply Chain Automated cranes, fork lifts, and other equipment are being... Read More »

Security for Warehouses, Equipment & Cargo

If you ship or store products, those items are vulnerable to theft. According to the FBI, $30 billion worth of cargo is stolen in the U.S. every single year. Theft can occur at any point in the supply chain: site of production, during shipping, in a storage warehouse, or at port. It’s not usually feasible to have a trusted set of eyes on your goods at all times throughout the entire shipping process. Fortunately, camera systems, security systems, and tracking devices can help to keep secure goods as you bring them to market. The First Line of Supply Chain Security... Read More »

Replacing Church Keys With Electronic Access Control

Replacing a traditional Lock and Key system in a church or other place of worship with Electronic Access Control can help your religious facility manage risks. Churches operate in an environment where they are responsible for providing a safe place for Worship and Fellowship, while maintaining an open and inviting atmosphere. By electrifying certain doors and granting/denying access electronically, churches can manage their responsibility more effectively. Having a better understanding of who’s coming and going from your worship facility will help you minimize some of the dangers and problems associated with operating such a facility. In this blog, we’ll provide... Read More »

Preventing Arson and Vandalism in Places of Worship

Many of the brave men and women that first traveled across the wild Atlantic to settle our great land did so to escape religious persecution, so it’s no wonder that our founding fathers fought so adamantly for Freedom of Religion. Though this fundamental right is protected by our Constitution, some take it upon themselves to lash out at those with differing beliefs. Be it mental illness, a troubled childhood, prejudice, intolerance, the result of indoctrination and conditioning, or simply evil intentions, places of worship have a long history of being targeted by those that wish to do others harm. It’s... Read More »

Fire Prevention Codes that Can Shut Down a Business or Construction Project in Virginia

In the Commonwealth of Virginia, a code violation related to fire prevention can shut down a business or construction project. While gross violations might result in an immediate cease and desist order, the vast majority of violations result in a warning. Failure to comply with the warning or failure to fix the violation will subsequently result in a shutdown. In order to avoid such dilemmas, it’s important that commercial businesses and public organizations consult with a professional fire prevention company to help ensure compliance with federal, state, and local codes. The Virginia State Fire Marshal Office’s goal is to provide... Read More »

What is Intelligent Video for Commercial Businesses?

Intelligent video is the combination of surveillance video and analytical software. Companies like IBM, Bosch, and Honeywell have developed high-tech systems that help to increase security while decreasing the manpower needed to actually watch that video. Security guards need only set eyes on the screen when something suspicious arises. If you’re interested in enhancing security without decreasing operational efficiency, intelligent video just might be the perfect solution for your business, government building, church, or industrial property. Intelligent Video Vs. Human Monitors The days of hiring someone to stare at video screens are finished. Aside from the expense of employing people... Read More »

What Burglars Aren’t Looking For

We got so much positive feedback on our recent blog about what burglars are looking for that we decided to write a blog about what burglars aren’t looking for. Hollywood has helped perpetuate an image that all burglars are devious sophisticates cracking safes and looking for diamonds, fine jewels, antiques, and expensive artwork. The truth might surprise you. Most Burglars Aren’t Professionals The vast majority of burglars are males between the ages of 17 and 25, and sadly many are just trying pay for a drug habit. That isn’t to say professional burglars aren’t out there, they’re just few and... Read More »

Cost of an Access Control System

If you’ve already taken the steps to determine your business has a need for access control, the next thing you’ll want to consider is how much it will cost. Many business owners still think their company has to be humongous in order to afford an access control system, which was the case fifteen or twenty years ago. Fortunately, advances in technology have driven down the cost of equipment and software, making access control systems affordable for nearly any business with a brick and mortar location. The exact cost of equipment and installation varies drastically, but a few important factors determine... Read More »

What Do Burglars Look For?

Ever wonder what burglars are actually after when they break into a home? It’s not surprising that the #1 item is cash, but what about the other items they’re after? On average, a typical burglar has about 15 minutes to be in and out of your house, and that means they usually have items in mind before they even enter the residence. Here’s a quick rundown of what thieves are looking for: Cash – 88% of Americans still carry cash, which is a surprising figure considering the usage of debit and credit cards. Burglars know this and cash is untraceable... Read More »

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