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What happens to your security system when it comes time to move?

Moving to Virginia? OR Existing Customer

Existing Richmond Alarm Customers?

Thank you for your continued business with our company. It is our pleasure to serve you and ensure your safety. We are here to help make your move as smooth as possible.

Tell Us More About Your Current Move

Give us a call at 804-376-0839 to schedule a Move Out. We’ll discuss your options concerning your current service and set up a convenient time to visit your home to check your system and bring important information for the new buyer of your home.

Moving to a New Home in Virginia?

With our multiple locations throughout Virginia, we may be able to continue keeping your home and family safe! We’ll ensure your new home has a security system to meet your needs.

Moving out of State?

We have strong relationships with the highest quality security companies throughout the nation. Let us know where you are going and we can help connect you with a trusted, local security expert.

Tell us about your move (804) 376-0839.

Moving to Virginia?

Welcome to the neighborhood! We have been protecting Virginians for over 70 years and want to welcome you to our family! We are excited to show you how the latest smart home devices allow you to protect and control your home like never before.

New System

Your new home deserves to be protected. Let our experts design, install, and monitor the perfect security solution for you and your family. Act now and take advantage of 3 months free monitoring!

Takeover an Existing System

Have an existing system in your home? No problem! We can work with you to ensure your existing system meets your needs and begin professionally monitoring your home to keep you and your family safe.

Get 3 Months Free Monitoring When You Move

Helpful Moving Tips

How soon can I start a new security system at my new home?

Immediately! Contact us today and we’ll move swiftly to design and install the perfect security solution for you and your family.

If my new home already has existing security equipment, do I have to rip and replace it all?

Not necessarily! Our security solutions experts will inspect the existing equipment and ensure it is high quality and meets your needs. If it passes the test, we can fire it up for you right away.  If not, we can upgrade the equipment so that your home is Safe, Smart, and Connected.

Get 3 Months Free Monitoring with Your Next Move

We’re offering 3 months of free monitoring to anyone that is moving into a new home in the area. Fill out the form below to get started.

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