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Whether you want a security system with all the bells and whistles, or one that is more basic, we can create a Commercial Security System, also known as an intrusion alarm system, designed for you.  At the Richmond Alarm Family of Companies, we have access to the latest security system technology. Our staff is factory trained and ready to put their knowledge and skill to work, protecting your business.

Which security features does your business want or need?

When considering a security system for your business, there are many features to consider. For example, our Commercial Security Systems can be partitioned by area, allowing you to have a single system that acts like multiple systems. This is popular in office/warehouse environments where there are times when the office needs to be armed while the warehouse is still occupied. It’s like a system within a system without the additional cost of a separate set-up.

Security code management is also very important to consider. We recommend that all users of a Commercial Security System be issued individual codes. This allows for easy management of turn over, as well as meaning full reporting and tracking.

Convenience is multiplied when you add Security+ features to your business. You can get status reports, arm/disarm, and manage user codes while on the go. Security+ also gives you the peace of mind in knowing that you are in control of your Security System, no matter where you are.

Have your system customized to your needs at a reasonable and fair price.

Additional features of our Commercial Security Systems include:

  • Commercial Security SystemWireless, Hardwired, or Hybrid solutions
  • Traditional Keypad or Touchscreen interfaces
  • Traditional Phone Line, Cellular, or IP Communication
  • Partitioning capabilities
  • Open and Close reports
  • Auto Arm/Disarm schedules
  • Mobile device control
  • Environmental/Non-Emergency monitoring and control

Our Commercial security solution experts design intrusion systems customized to your individual needs. Like you, we are very budget conscious, so we look for ways to utilize or refine existing systems whenever possible.

There simply isn’t much we have not seen in terms of security technology no matter what company it came from. In short, if there is an existing system in place, we don’t go in and trash perfectly good equipment but do some on-site recycling.

Converting to Cellular Security Transmitter

Before dropping your landline or switching to voice over to IP (VOiP), make sure your security system can handle the switch. We recommend using Cellular Communicators when possible to make sure we can receive emergency signals when you needed. If you are considering a change in your phone service, please don’t hesitate to give us a call to discuss.


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Rated By Carolyn Clements, Ball Office Products

“Thanks to your company for the excellent service, provided by your delightful employee, Bantz Wiant. After
many weeks of working with another service provider, with no resolution, we contacted RAC for help. Within
minutes, Bantz knew what our problem was and had our system performing in perfect order. You will never
know how much we appreciate your help with this matter. I want to assure you that every opportunity I have to
share our experience with others, I will. I would love to recommend your company to anyone who needs any
professional security services or systems.”

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We have designed and installed commercial security systems for businesses in Richmond, Roanoke, Hampton, and throughout most of Virginia. Contact Richmond Alarm if you’d like to learn more about our commercial security solutions and equipment options.

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