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Intelligent Video

Cutting Edge Video Technology That Keeps you Secure and Connected from Anywhere

We offer a suite of Intelligent Video options that provide exceptional clarity and real-time control from on-site or remote locations. We believe that the use of quality cameras to monitor activities on your property or in your location is critical to the effectiveness of any video system.  We have seen the evolution of video security first hand. We have made it a priority to provide cutting-edge technology to business owners, law enforcement, and homeowners as a part of our commitment to our customers’ security.

AxisDomeCamera2Intelligent Business Security

We use commercial grade, high-definition IP cameras to produce video images that are crystal clear. Our staff are experts in intelligent security system design and installation and are able to overcome many environmental difficulties that can affect video quality. We also feel it is important for our customers to be connected to their systems, and to have the information they need when they need it. IP based systems remote viewing and control from anywhere in the world.

Intelligent Crime Prevention

Monitor highly targeted locations for burglary and vandalism. Cell towers and construction sites are often targets of theft due to the recyclable metal and tools on-site. Videofied Technology is an intelligent video solution monitored by us. It sends situational information of actual crimes in progress to our central station. The product is portable, discreet, and weatherproof. Our Videofied systems have their own built-in cellular communicator and lithium battery power. This means there does not have to be any infrastructure at a location to deploy this solution. Because we are able to see what caused an alarm, false and nuisance alarms are eliminated.

We offer free loaner kits to Law Enforcement agencies across Virginia.



Smart Security for BusinessHere comes the future. A smartphone or other internet-enabled device can be used to communicate with your home. This is done through either IP or cellular technology that is provided by us. Your phone or other internet enabled device can be used to see video from your home via live look-in capability or proactively via email. You can also control thermostats and other appliances, lock/unlock your door and arm/disarm your security system – all while you are away. We want our customers to feel secure and to know that their systems are functioning properly. Remote services give this type of information and control to a new generation of connected consumers.

Which Video Product is best for me?

You may think high definition video would be the best, but it just depends on what you need.

Retail/Warehouse/Public Transportation/Financial/Offices/Schools

Commercial grade video needed for security recordings to see what is happening on the property for real-time viewing recorded viewings and identification for proof or prosecution purposes. Pan, tilt, zoom features to hone in on details in good light environments. Needs protected encasement to prevent camera damage

Our Recommendation: Intelligent Business Security

Police/Neighborhood Watch/Cell Companies/Construction

Highly targeted area for theft (construction sites, cell towers) or vandalism (community facilities) you want police to be summoned if someone is trespassing or burglarizing property. Good lighting is not required for effective use.

Our Recommendation: Intelligent Crime Prevention

Homeowners/Parents/Adult Children/Smart Homes

  • See what happens at home while you are away using a mobile device
  • Receive alerts and photo verification when a child arrives home from school
  • Receive alerts if your air conditioner or washing machine leaks
  • Control thermostat, door locks and security system remotely
  • Check on pets while away
  • Give service tech access to your home without handing out keys

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We have designed and installed intelligent video security systems for businesses in Richmond, Roanoke, Hampton, and throughout most of Virginia. Contact Richmond Alarm if you’d like to learn more about our intelligent surveillance equipment options.

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