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Commercial Fire and Security Services

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At the Richmond Alarm Family of Companies, we believe that every business or commercial property should be protected by a professionally installed and monitored Commercial Fire and Security System. We recognize that individual businesses have unique needs when it comes to protecting their investment, which is why we have specially trained consultants on staff to help design the best commercial security solution for your business, your property, and your employees.

Commercial Fire Alarm Systems

One of the most important services we provide is the design, installation, inspection, and monitoring of commercial fire alarm systems. Make no mistake about it, fire alarm systems save lives! So, whether you are required to install a commercial fire system, already have an existing system that needs updating, or want to be proactive about fire protection, we can design a system to meet your needs and budget.

Fire System Maintenance & Inspections for Businesses

At the Richmond Alarm Family of Companies, we believe that regular fire alarm system maintenance is of the utmost importance for all business. Your fire alarm system is something that has to work when it is needed. We employee trained staff that have the knowledge and resources to keep your fire alarm system operating at its peak performance. We can also provide you with documented inspections and help you stay in compliance with local fire codes, as well as be proactive about fire alarm maintenance issues.

Access Control & Security Key Cards

Is physical security important to you and your staff? Do you need a way to track and control who has access to your facility? From single door solutions to multi-site managed platforms, our staff can design an access control system that is right for you. We encourage our customers to take advantage of our Hosted Platform option, allowing them to remotely access their Access Control database from anywhere.

HD Security Cameras

Video surveillance equipment for businessesCommercial security cameras are one of the fastest growing segments of the security industry. In fact, businesses all across the country are installing surveillance devices in record numbers. We want our clients to be on the forefront of this trend. We offer HD surveillance video systems for every environment and budget, giving our customers eyes on their investment and the peace of mind that comes with knowing what is happening at their business or commercial property in real-time.

Commercial Security Systems

Security Systems (sometimes referred to as intrusion systems) are still the backbone of what we do. We believe that there is a place in every business for a well designed commercial security system. With recent advances in wireless technology and communications, our commercial customers are able to stay connected with their business security systems better than ever, making them more aware and efficient in their operations. A properly designed security system is a tool that every business owner should consider.

24/7 Remote Monitoring

At the Richmond Alarm Family of Companies, we are proud of the fact that we own and operate Security Alliance Command Center (SACC). SACC is a TMA 5-Diamond, UL Listed central monitoring station, located right here in our Richmond, Virginia location. 24/7 Monitoring is the key to all commercial Fire Alarm and Security Systems. We are your link to help when your business needs it most!

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Client Reviews

Richmond Alarm: A Security Company in Richmond, VA
★★★★★ 5 / 5 stars

Rated By Gerald F.

“ We switched our service from another vendor to Richmond Alarm. They upgraded some equipment, installed new sensors, and corrected past installation errors that prevented the system from working properly. Our Technician was very professional, had excellent communication skills, was very conscientious, and, overall, did an excellent job. I am very pleased with the work he did. Also, I am very pleased to have my service with a locally-owned and operated company. Thank you, Richmond Alarm Company.”

Fire & Security Services for Businesses in Richmond, VA

We help businesses with their commercial security & fire equipment needs throughout the Richmond, VA region and beyond. Contact Richmond Alarm if you’d like to learn more about our commercial security packages for businesses.

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