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Security Systems

Security Alarm Systems, also known as Intrusion Systems.

Honeywell Security SystemThe safety and security of your family is important to us. We strongly believe that Monitored Security Alarm Systems make a difference. Whether you want a basic system or one that can scale with your busy lifestyle, The Richmond Alarm Family of Companies has you covered.

Which Home Security Features Matter?

Considering a security system for your home can be an overwhelming process. Not only are there many different products and features to choose from, there are now even choices between professionally installed and self-installed options.

We obviously are partial to professionally installed security systems. You need to be able to rely on the fact that the security system in your home has been designed and installed by a professional, and that it will work when you need it the most.

Popular alarm features for residential security systems include:

  • Smart Home SecurityRemote control via mobile apps
  • Control of lights, locks, and thermostats
  • Garage door control
  • Temperature and flood detection
  • Fire and carbon monoxide detection
  • Security cameras

Our Security+ Smart Home Security offering provides you with these features and much more!

Get Custom Security at a Fair Price

The Richmond Alarm Family of Companies have security design consultants who will work with you to customize a solution to your individual needs. Our pricing is reasonable and fair, and is based upon solutions that will provide you with the peace of mind you deserve. Don’t be fooled by a free offer! There is no one-size-fits-all security solutions.

New Communication Technology

Do you still have a landline? Have you “cut the cord” with the cable companies? No worries. At The Richmond Alarm Family of Companies, we have you covered. Our residential security systems come built-in with the latest in cellular technology. This high-speed connections allows you and your system to interact like never before!

Thinking about dropping your landline or switching to a VoIP solution? Contact us first so we can make sure your home security system can handle the switch.

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