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Security Systems

Security Alarm Systems also known as Intrusion Systems

Whether you want a system that utilizes wireless or wired products, we can create a security system designed for your home or business that is easy to expand and upgrade. Best of all, we design systems to meet your needs which includes making it easy to live with.

DeactivateSecuritySystemWhich features do you want or need?

When considering a security system, there are many features to consider. For example, if you want to limit access to a certain area, you can use our partitioning capabilities that protect a particular area at all times without affecting other areas. It’s like a system within a system without the additional cost of a separate set-up.

Convenience is multiplied when you add Security+ features to view what is happening at your home while you are away, control the security system, thermostat, and appliances, and receive notifications when someone arrives.

Have your system customized to your needs at a reasonable and fair price

Additional features of our intrusion systems include:

  • Customized interior and perimeter protection
  • Advanced installation and operating technologies
  • Identification of exact point of alarm
  • Partitioning capabilities
  • Reliable wireless products
  • Remote service capability
  • Easy to expand or upgrade

Our security solution experts design an intrusion system customized to your individual needs. Like you, we are very budget conscious so we look for ways to utilize or refine existing systems whenever possible.

There simply isn’t much we have not seen in terms of security technology no matter what company it came from. In short, if there is an existing system in place, we don’t go in and trash perfectly good equipment but do some on-site recycling.

Converting to Cellular Security Transmitter

GetRidofLandlineBefore dropping your landline, make sure your security system transmits on a cellular signal or schedule an upgrade with us today.

Many households are dropping landline phones since family members have their own cell phone. Before dropping your landline, make sure your security system communicates wirelessly. If not, contact us to convert to a cellular transmitter so your signal is received by our monitoring center.


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