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Fire Systems

Protect lives, property and valuables with monitored smoke and heat detectors. Unlike standalone detectors, these devices are integrated into a complete systems package and linked to our central station.

FirefightersMonitored fire alarm systems call the fire department even when you can’t

Fires sometimes start when you are sleeping or when you are gone. They start in remote parts of the house where a system can detect it before you’re aware of what’s happening.

Away from home? Asleep? Our fire safety systems alert the fire department in an emergency.

Monitored detectors offer additional protection because when smoke is detected, a signal is sent to the central station that summons the fire department. This can save you from fire damage or minimize it considerably.

Did you know that all sprinkler systems are required by code to be monitored?

We provide systems that monitor new and existing sprinkler systems. Monitored sprinkler systems notify our central station in the event of an activation, minimizing water damage.

Components of our Commercial Fire Systems include:

  • Manual alarm stations
  • Automatic fire alarm detectors
  • Supervisory devices
  • Supervised waterflow devices
  • Systems designed to meet stringent fire codes

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