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Crime Prevention

Local Police use Videofied Monitoring to Catch and Convict Criminals

home3Stop criminal activity with video surveillance tool RSI Videofied

Videofied is an incremental step in linking traditional intrusion (security) technology with video surveillance. Set up Videofied on your property and motion sensors will activate a camera when there is activity in the covered zone. A signal and 10-second video clip are sent to our central station.

Our operators are trained to interpret the video and make intelligent dispatch decisions. If the motion that caused the alarm is a possible threat, police are dispatched to the property with details about the intruders. RSI Videofied eliminates false alarms and frees up much needed law enforcement resources.

videofiedphoneappSmartphone Look-in

Want a video clip of what is happening on your property? Using Videofied and the smartphone app, you can check-in and see for yourself. The app also gives you the ability to arm and disarm the system over your phone. You can pause monitoring when someone is showing up as planned, or arm it when the last person out forgets to do so. Don’t drive all the way back, arm the system from your smartphone!


Wireless Cameras Outdoor or Indoor Use

The Videofied Stakeout Kit is a cordless/wireless portable remote sentry video system. These systems can be instantly deployed as needed and moved as situations evolve. Wireless MotionViewers use sophisticated PIR technology to trigger the integrated night vision camera and capture a 10 second clip of the incident. Video clips of dark areas are seen in monochrome, and indoor MotionViewer Color Cameras are now available.The system sends the video alert over the cell network to the monitoring station for immediate dispatch. The video clips are then emailed to an alert list.

racVideofiedPreventFADecrease False Alarms

False alarms can be costly because many jurisdictions charge a resident or business after a number of occurrences.

Videofied prevents false alarms because before our monitoring station calls the police, video clips are sent to our operators, showing the cause of the signal.

If it is not a valid threat, a false alarm is averted.

Prevent Copper Theft

Valuable copper is targeted by thieves from many outdoor, remote locations such as cell towers, power transfer stations and even railroad communication systems. For every $1 worth of copper stolen, it can cost up to $25 to repair the damage copper theft causes. There is a solution, however.  Localities using Videofied are catching crooks in the act and getting them off the street, as well as shutting down illegally run recycling centers.

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