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High Definition IP Security Cameras


HDNetworkCameraIP Based Network Security requires no DVR and can be accessed remotely.

The quality of a video image makes all the difference. Professionally installed, high definition, IP video cameras by Richmond Alarm Company get the details an analog or self-installed camera cannot. Our technicians and staff are trained in the latest digital video technologies and can design and deploy a solution that fits your needs. Digital video gives you image quality that allows you to capture important details such as license plates, tattoos, and other identifiable features. We even offer a solution that does not require a DVR/NVR! This solution utilizes SD Cards in the actual camera to store video. Easy to use applications for your computer or mobile device allow you to view and control your system form virtually anywhere.

High Definition Cameras that Hone in on Details

The details of a high definition digital camera are distinctly clearer and zoom capabilities are outstanding.

“Can’t I just buy a security camera from a big box discount store and install it myself?”
Sure. But our High Definition Digital Cameras are designed for continuous use and are professionally designed, installed, and maintained.Take a look around when you are in the big box discount store; do they use their retail camera systems for their own security? The answer is NO and why should you?

The quality of detail clears up the details and includes a wider field of vision so you see more with fewer cameras.

Control Over What You See

Pan, tilt and zoom features give owners control to investigate live feeds so you can be certain about what you are seeing. Did a customer put their keys in their pocket or a valuable watch from your store? Our IP solutions put this control at your finger tips through easy to use applications for your computer or mobile device.

Video Clarity and Control

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