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Access Control

Control who can access a particular entrance or area

Quite literally, access control means controlling and monitoring the movement of people or vehicles through secured access points such as doors, turnstiles and parking lot barriers.

Access control systems allow you to decide who goes where in your building and at what times, so only authorized personnel may gain entry. Visitors can even be identified by issuing special visitor cards.

HoneywellAccessControlEconomically integrate access control with other security systems

Integrating access control functionality with traditional security and fire alarms has never been easier or more economical.

  • Manage access easily with reliable, advanced technology
  • Have your system customized to your needs

This easy to use technology is so sophisticated, you can even distinguish varying levels of access. Arming and disarming can be controlled by individual area. Or with proper authority, a single user can simultaneously control multiple areas.

Which system is right for you? Simple or more complex?

We help you choose the right system by identifying your security requirements and matching those to the right system. Our systems provide built-in or external access card readers that accept standard swipe, proximity or even bank or credit cards.

We also offer a key chain sized personal identification device, which automatically signals your presence and eliminates button pushing or code entry. Both card and key chain ID are small, simple, and convenient. For businesses with electronic locking systems, the devices eliminate the need for keys as well as the time and money spent keeping track of them.

Whether you want simple control and protection for your business, or the sophistication and security that is demanded in a large commercial or government application, our security solutions experts will provide a cost effective solution.

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